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The VG´s are working incredible on my SONEX.

Because I have a private airstrip ( indeed it´s a little patch of green farmland) length 150 m , I could really feel the difference of  "no-vortex" and "vortexed wing".  I could get the the take-off distance down about 25 m. The climb-rate didn´t change, but the climbspeed is much better now.
Also the max speed is now in the average about 15 km/h more than before, at the same fuel consumption.
The datas:
Sonex aircraft with 90 hp Subaru EA 81 custom made installation
cruise                       before    185 km/h   now      200 km/h
stall speed                               92 km/h                  80   km/h
Take off distance                    300 m                     275   m
TO distance in my field          140  m                       110 m
landing distance
on my field (Uphill)                  100 m                    70 m
Climbrate is                               650 ft/min
Result:  Absolutely positive!

Klaus, Germany


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