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This is the latest version of the 'Fying Flea' type aircraft, and it sure is a big developement from the original.  I was still under the impression that this design had an inherent stability problem, but it turns out that that was solved way back in 1936, and there are now hundreds flying safely, especially in France, home of the original designer Henri Mignet.  Just Google 'Flying Flea' to find out more about these very interesting aircraft, and  to learn more about the version shown above.  That's an impressive aircraft!            JG 


Hello John,
Here are the first results with your Stolspeed VGs on my plane.


Go on in the front page I have given the results of my test flights:


Taking off and landing with 2 fine babies on board and over loaded ( 520 kg) in less than 100 meters.


Climb at 5 meters/sec (985 fpm).


I fly from 54 km/ hr (29 kts), to fast cruise still at 200 km/hr (108 kts).


I turn 360° on a very short diameter, still unspinnable.  I try to find a way to measure my speed and turning diameter . Even my GPS is unable to give me a true value on a so small circle.


I put them on both wings . My profile is said to stall at 14° , so I put the aircraft so , put over the wing a bubble level to see the tangency point. I came a little before this point  and that was a little less than 8%. I said OK  John’s value is here too, so I stuck there my VGs.


It’s a lot of fun to fly now in the incredible world of the ‘Flying flee’


We now finish the third CLP aircraft.  All in Carbon fiber, with tricycle landing gear, and 60kg lighter.
All the friends who have seen Gérard' Savannah and my CLP have bought your
product.  We will soon put photos on my web site.


Yves, France


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